iMAT Mobile Event In Orlando

The first ever iMAT Mobile event is going to be held in Orlando’s Venue 578. The main topics of this event are going to be drones and VR technologies.

The first ever iMAT Mobile event is going to be held on 29th of January 2017. Partnering up with EventGOA, we are hoping to deliver a great performance to all of our attendees. While primarily targeted at children and teenagers, our presentations are suitable for young adults as well. During them, we hope to bring technology innovations closer to our little ones, with one simple goal – encourage them to pursue careers in the tech industry. We all know how important that is and what kind of gruesome statistics we are having, so we won’t talk about that here. For now, we will just give you some basic information regarding the event so you know what to expect from it.

The event is going to be held at Venue 578 with the opening ceremony that is starting at 6 PM. After the brief introduction, during which you will hear a lot of interesting information about our organization, the main program will start. It is going to be divided into 2 sections with 1 presentation each. In total, the event will last for about 3 hours, not counting in the opening ceremony.

The first presentation is going to start shortly after the opening ceremony and will focus solely on drones and the technology innovations behind them. It is going to be held by prof. Alan Richards of Fleming Island, FL. He’ll discuss the future of drones, the technology behind them, new innovations that will make them even better in the future… In addition to that, he is also going to show you an in-depth analysis of what makes drones popular. There’s going to be a lot of talk about expensive drones over $1000 as well as GoPro drones and the possibilities of aerial photography in the near future. On the very end of the first presentation, 2 lucky winners will go home with a brand-new drone that they can enjoy.

The second presentation will start after a 5-minute break and will also be held by prof. Alan Richards. During the second presentation, our attendees will have the chance to learn a thing or two about VR technology. It’s one of the newest niches in the industry and, needless to say, it has been getting a lot of public exposure in recent months. It shows great potential which is why our children need to be familiar with all the possibilities. After the presentation, another 2 lucky winners will get their hands on Samsung’s Gear VR. If you are living in Orlando, I don’t think you need more reasons to come and join us for this event.