iMAT Mobile Event In Miami

The second iMAT Mobile event is being held at Miami’s Villa Woodbine. The exact date has not yet been set. The main topic will be the smartphone industry.

The second scheduled event is going to be held in Miami, FL. After, hopefully, a good start in Orlando, iMAT Mobile is setting their sails towards the Magic City. Even though we still haven’t set the exact date of our event, all other information are well known. Don’t worry, we will have the date ready at least 2 weeks before its due, meaning that you don’t have to worry about missing it.

Instead of having 2 presentations on, pretty much, separate topics, the second event held in Miami is going to have just 1. Smartphones are the main focus and an in-depth analysis of the entire industry surrounding them is going to be explained by none other than prof. Terry Landskew. The event is going to be held at Villa Woodbine in Miami. As was the case in Orlando, the opening ceremony is going to start at 6 PM after which prof. Terry Landskew will come onto the stage and begin with her presentation.

During her time on stage, she will present the attendees with lots of viable information about the smartphone industry. In addition to that, she will also thoroughly explain the perks of Android operating system. And, last but not least, she will go through the process of creating a simple Android app together with the attendees to show them that coding isn’t that scary as everyone claims it is.

Finally, at the end of her presentation, prof. Landskew will award 2 most active attendees with a rather innovative smartphone – the Huawei Honor 8. This will be the icing on the cake of, what we hope will be, an awesome event that will hopefully attract lots of children and teenagers.

And finally, we hope to see you at any of our 2 scheduled events. If not because of the sheer amount of useful tech-related information you will be presented with, then at least because of the chances to win awesome prizes at the end.