About Us

iMAT Mobile is a non-profit organization founded in December 2016. Its main purpose is to familiarize youth with new tech innovations. As you all know, today’s fast paced world is filled with advances in technology, and it is of crucial importance that our little ones are familiar with it from a young age. With our approach, we hope to encourage more children to take up tech-related classes in their schools and hopefully start their own career in the tech industry. We don’t have to tell you how important this is. The tech industry’s rapid growth is something that USA, as a true powerhouse in the world, needs to use for its own advantage. Instead of importing skilled workers, we can educate our own children. This will not only help us as a country but will also provide these young minds with better mindsets for the future.

Technology Event

We plan on achieving our goals through events primarily targeted at children and teenagers. From our intern research, these are the best years for the introduction to technology. Even though we are aware that only 10-20% of them will actually pursue a career in tech, if we can help increase those numbers by single digits, we’ll consider our goals successful. So far, we have developed plans for 2 events that are going to happen in January and February of this year. If everything goes well and we have a solid response from our attendees, chances are that we will schedule more of them inside Florida’s borders. If we are extremely successful and have a great averaging attendance on our events, we will consider organizing them throughout the States. But, those are rather distant wishes at this time… One event at a time!