Technology is everywhere around us. It’s the main factor in our modern day lives, and as such, people would think it deserves a massive amount of attention. While that is true in high-end business circles where modern technologies are heavily standardized, the USA as a country is not doing enough to encourage children to pursue careers in the tech industry.

That’s where iMAT Mobile steps in. We are a young non-profit organization with one simple, yet powerful, goal – we strive to bring technology closer to children and teenagers. We consider it to be of utter importance, which is basically the main motivation of our members and colleagues. We are well aware of the fact that USA doesn’t invest a lot of money in bringing technology to children in schools. Although the situation has improved during the last 2 years, we fear it is still not enough. As a matter of fact, money invested in technology education through schools is not even on par with some middle-class European countries. The statistics are alarming and we must do something about it… Which is why we decided to schedule an event as soon as possible and give out special wheeled drones to 2 lucky winners in the audience.

Instead of spending tons of money every year on importing abroad skilled workers for our tech industry, why wouldn’t we educate our own children? Not only will we stop immigrants from taking our highest-paid jobs, but we will also provide plenty more opportunities for our own kin. That’s something we should all, collectively, think about. It’s a big movement, we understand that, but with proper educational events structured accordingly to the age of attendees (you can’t expect 5th graders to be actively involved in a boring 2-hour presentation about f.e. cloud computing… you must show them that technology doesn’t need to be boring by showing them innovations in tech gadgetry such as camera drones, hoverboards, smartphones and similar devices), some improvements are bound to happen. Perhaps they won’t happen in a month. Perhaps they won’t happen in a year… But if we are persistent with our methods, there is no doubt they will prove to be useful in the long run.

Statistics show that currently, only 17.3% of our children pursue careers that are broadly tied with the tech industry. In middle-class European countries, those numbers are between 20-25%. In developed ones, they climb up to 35%, which is more than doubled the amount of USA. These statistics are alarming and something must happen as soon as possible or we will lose our competitive advantages in the industry.

As you can see on our Events page, currently we have 2 events scheduled in the upcoming month or so. If everything goes according to our initial expectations, we will schedule a number of events throughout Florida.

The first event will be held in Orlando, FL later this month (on 29th of January to be more precise). The event will consist of 2 separate presenters and will last for about 3 hours in total. The topics of the event in Orlando will be about the drone revolution that is happening faster than any of us predicted, as well as the new innovations in VR industry. Children and teenagers are generally quite interested in both of these topics, so we expect a good attendance for our first event ever. You can read more information about this event HERE!

The second event is going to be held in Miami, FL sometime in February. The specific date has not been set up yet, but we believe it is going to be somewhere around the halfway point of the month (not on Valentine’s day, of course). After hearing about drones and VR technology in Orlando, our attendees in Miami will have a broader topic of discussion – innovation in smartphones. More specifically, we will try to briefly explain how smartphones work and what does it take to make a standalone application. We expect high attendance since Miami is the center of the tech industry in FL, and as such, there is no doubt many people will be interested in joining us. You can read more about the Miami event HERE!

That’s about it when it comes to our short-term plans. As we already stated above, if everything goes according to plans, you can expect a lot more of iMAT Mobile’s events in the upcoming months. With this being said, if you’d like us to come to your city or you have some questions you would like us to answer, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page. From there, simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.